Tuesday, July 2, 2013

week 5

July 2, 2013 week 5

This season is the kind we gardeners dream about. The rain keeps us working hard at weed control, but otherwise, everything looks wonderful. The is the first time in the nine years we've gardened here that we've had peas and beans at the same time! I've also never seen the broccoli continue to produce so well. Really and truly I believe this is its last week. We need to clean out these spring crops and get ready for Fall. Believe it or not, Paul just started the Brussel Sprouts.

As we come into the mid-season veggies, please don't be shy. If you're throwing a dinner party, or would just like more of something, just ask. If it's available, we'll be glad to share or sell you more at a reasonable price. I can't promise we'll have it, but please don't hesitate to ask.

Happy Independence Day! With this harvest, we celebrate a vision of greater independence from the corporate food system. However you celebrate – we hope you have a very safe and fun holiday time.

In one bag: Yellow Wax Beans – oh yum!, Sugar Snap Peas – not as aesthetically perfect as they were a couple weeks ago, but still perfectly delicious, Suhyo Long Cucumber – I've been waiting for these, some of our favorite crispy, nearly seedless, so tasty cucumbers, Fresh Garlic – there's nothing like it and this is the time of year it happens, eat it up! Summer Squash, Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage – for your 4th of July cole slaw.

In the other bag: Two heads of summer lettuce – this is the variety of lettuce we've found that holds up best in the long hot days of summer. A final handful of broccoli. Parsley, sorrel, basil.

I have reason to believe that there may be enough tomatoes to share next week.

We'll likely be sending more chard, garlic, green onions, and green peppers.

Spread the word, share your food, and Enjoy!

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