Thursday, December 13, 2012

dec 13 - almost winter

Broccoli           Kohlrabi          Tat Soi     
Black Spanish Radish                        Butternut       
Sweet Potato              Garlic
Herb bag:      Arugula Chickweed     Thyme               Dill         

Thanks for keeping up the good veggie eating.  This broccoli is your reward for sticking with us through this long late season.  Hope you enjoy it too.  It doesn’t need much cooking.  One of the best things we’ve ever done with our broccoli is to mix it raw in a simple carrot salad. 

Here’s the deal – we will be coming to town next week and will be glad to bring another basket of veggies in for anyone who wants it.  After that, we’re taking a few weeks off for holidays, and it could very well be that the gardens will be dormant.  We’ll just see how the peculiarities of this particular winter play out.

Simple Sauteed Kohlrabi

2 medium kohlrabi bulbs, grated      1 tsp salt                     ¼ cup butter or light oil
1 medium diced onion                       1 clove garlic              2 Tbsp fresh thyme, chives, or sage

1) Mix the kohlrabi and salt in a colander and let stand for 30 minutes to drain.
2) Melt the butter in a medium skillet over medium heat.  Add the onion and sauté until translucent, about 3 minutes.  Add the garlic and sauté for 1 minute more.
3) Stir in the kohlrabi.  Reduce the heat to low, cover, and cook for 10 minutes.
4) Increase the heat to medium, uncover the skillet, and cook for 2 minutes.  Remove from heat and stir in the fresh herbs.  Let stand for a couple minutes to let the flavors develop.

Intriguing recipe sent from a Lafayette friend:

Southwestern Pumpkin Hummus

6 cloves garlic                         1 ¾ cups mashed or canned pumpkin (butternut)
¼ cup fresh cilantro               ¼ cup fresh lime juice
¼ cup tahini                           2 Tbsp olive oil, plus more for drizzling
3 tsp cumin                             1 tsp salt, or to taste
½ tsp chili powder                 ½ tsp chipotle pepper
Toasted pumpkin seeds, for garnish

Put the garlic cloves into a food processor and pulse to chop fine.  Add the rest of the ingredients and blend until smooth.  Transfer to a bowl, cover, and refrigerate for at least 8 hours.  Garnish with pumpkin seeds and drizzle with additional oil before serving.  Serve with vegetables, crackers, or tortilla chips.

Thanks for sharing this good stuff.  We appreciate you.

Paul, Coree, Lulah and Levon