veggie identification

Here, we will post some nice pictures of some of the vegetables we grow with captions
to help you identify them....

this is arugula - it often has small holes in the leaves from flea beetles.  the taste is distinctively pungent.

collard greens.  large round meaty leaves.  a southern classic.  this is the beefsteak of the brassica family.

Green Meat radishes.  not too spicy. juicy and crisp.

these misato rose radishes come with some color variations.  a nice balance of sweet and hot.

purple and little green pac choy.  aren't they beautiful?

sorrel.  bright green and succulent.  the taste - unmistakably lemon.

white egg turnips.  mild - suitable for salads or for cooking.  the greens are good, too, of course!

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