About Us

We are a family.  Paul, Coree and two kids, Lulah and Levon.  We live on a little piece of land in the hills and hollows of Northern Middle Tennessee, just outside the town of Red Boiling Springs (hence our 'farm name').

Each year, we grow a big garden.  We love to be home with our kids, work with the land, and grow really excellent food.  We also teach yoga classes, and Paul is a very experienced therapeutic bodyworker (massage therapist).  Our lives are full and we try to keep it simple.

This blog primarily holds a backlog of newsletters that we have sent out with our vegetables every week for the past several years.  If you scroll through you will find farm news and anecdotes, some opinions about farming and broader agricultural issues and recipes for season produce.

You can find more of Coree's writing, and other good stuff at Radical Farmwives.

If you have a strong interest in simple and seasonal off the grid living, you're welcome to be in touch.

coreekaleseed at yahoo dot com

Thanks, and be well.

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