Thursday, June 24, 2010

beets and carrots

Here they are - beets and carrots.

They are good companions, both in the garden and on the plate. Since you are receiving these abundant carrot greens, we thought this would be a fun link for you:

Who knew there was a carrot museum?!

I couldn't find anything about it in my brief search, but I suspect that carrot greens are similar to parsley. Parsley can dry up mother's milk. In my experience, once I was well established in the nursing relationship, a culinary dose of parsley did me no harm, but might be difficult in the early weeks of lactation. Interestingly, fennel has the opposite effect, promoting lactation and soothing baby bellies.

So, to store beets and carrots best, cut the tops off about an inch above the root and keep them bagged separately in the fridge.

Beets are great grated on a salad, steamed or baked into their prime sweetness, and served with butter (butter with dill?).

Here's another informative link for you - on beets:

Share your recipes, and enjoy your meals.

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