Tuesday, June 16, 2009

veggie and herb directory, early season

So, here are some photos of our veggies and herbs, first, tulsi, holy basil, a sweet tea, cooling herb, heavenly smell.

then patty pan squash, and thyme

The spiky leaves are mizuna, and the other herb is lemon balm, which is best recognized by it's lemony scent.

The bulb above the ground is kohlrabi.

Here's Lulah, celebrating abundance.

Feathery leaves of edible chrysanthamum...

and wrinkly leaves of chard.

Catnip is soft to touch.

Basil is just BASIL.

here are the pretty peas, and

here's what sorrel looks like.

And this is oregano.

Feel free to come for a visit, ask any questions you need to, and whatever you do, enjoy your veggies!

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